Overview of services

Work Area Recovery

Work Area Recovery

Global Continuity has syndicated workstations, all including desktops and telephones, to cater for the work area recovery for a range of businesses. These are flexible areas where business operations can...

Business Continuity Consulting

Business Continuity Consulting

Business continuity management involves managing the recovery or continuation of business activities in the event of a business disruption, and management of the overall programme through training, exercises and...

Offsite Data Protection

Offsite Data Protection

Global Continuity and Metrofile are able to offer a full range of solutions from Online back ups, Back up as a service (Baas) to tape archiving. Metrofile with Global Continuity...


Brief overview

  • Invocation case study
  • Business Continuity

 During July 2014, Global Continuity stress tested the Work Area facilities.

Why Global Continuity

  • Innovative +

    Winner of the BCI 2013 award for innovation, we continue to drive innovation to meet our client needs
  • World class facilities +

    The facilities are spacious and ergonomically designed to provide a professional environment. The IT infrastructure uses world EMC storage for online back ups and for the syndicated infrastructure.
  • Cost efficient +

    The work space is positioned to meet the needs of South African business and is tailored to offer cost effective solutions for Work Area recovery requirements
  • Strong client services +

    Winner of the BCI award for customer service, we work with our clients to improve their business resilience.
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Who are we?

As a Metrofile Group company and with over 14 years of experience, Global Continuity offers a range of services that ensure that clients are able to recover their business operations effectively in the event of a business interruption or disaster.  

We offer flexible solutions that are tailored to our clients requirements and we always look for innovative pragmatic ways of achieving business objectives.

Our Services

  • Work Area Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Plans and Testing
  • Offsite Data Protection
  • Backup as a Service
  • Business Continuity Consulting
  • Business Continuity Training


 Global Continuity

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